R 6 R 6 R 6

Type: Iron

Order number: R 6

Handmade reproduction of old decorative tiles are the perfect alternative for lovers charm of old tiles but prefer new tiles in unlimited quantity.These luxurious, original, stylesh tiles are needed wherever you want to see luxury, wealth, style, originality, charm, beauty and pomp. These beautiful original style tiles are fantastic not only for flooring in a luxury residence, but also as restaurant flooring, as hotel flooring, as bar tiles, as cafe flooring, as business centre flooring, but also bank flooring, as the shopping center flooring, as school flooring, for the station flooring etc,..Tiles with historic charm are the latest trend in modern design. The result of their use is an original, unique and spectacular interior design that will represent the dignity exquisite taste of its owner. The models can also be combined according to your own imagination, you can use for this a tablein the section Products-Patchwork.These tiles can also be used as a wal tiles and also for the exterior.

Price: $5