Do you love luxury, historical charm, elegance and this all emblazoned with stories of the past?



We are suppliers of historical materials, we offer old wooden floors and beams, old marble sinks and bathtubs, antique terracotta floor tiles and especially Spanish unique unglazed handmade cement tiles, original really old historic tiles and handmade replicas of the antique tiles.
Save historical tiles we consider the obligation, because preservation of historical values ​​and transmission bit of history for future generations is our top priority. Historical ornamental cement floor and terracotta tiles are the latest trends in interior design. The combination of antique tiles and modern interior is the shabby chic style , it is timeless art which creates a depth of interior, tells a story, glamor and charm of yesteryear. Of course, the historical tiles necessary for the reconstruction of historic buildings.
Historical tiles are rare, they are tiles, which does not lose its value ,inflict handiwork  not lost for 100 years of age nothing of their beauty on the contrary, gained a soul.



We are suppliers of unique Spanish historical tiles. We offer luxury historic tiles that come from old palaces, villas and townhouses throughout Spain. Some of these historic tiles are more than 100 years old, and all tiles were made by hand, so each tile is original. These beautiful historic tiles were cleaned with caution and care, and these luxury historical tiles will be a jewel of every interiors. Historical tiles are used in the reconstruction of historic buildings, but also as a timeless floor in modern interiors. Historic paving is last trend in modern design.


We would like to also offer replica of antique tiles. Replica of antique tiles is an ideal alternative for those who love the magic and charm of old times, but a limited amount of real historical antique tiles, do not allow them to fulfill their dreams. Replica of antique tiles are used on the floor to historic listed buildings - such as the floor of historic houses, castles flooring, the floor of churches and other religious buildings, museums flooring, stairs tiles, hall and foyer flooring, tiles for stations, office flooring, .. . Furthermore, replicas of antique paving very appropriate and representative of the new projects with high loads such as: shopping center flooring, office flooringbank flooring, school flooringrestaurant flooring, hotel flooring, bar flooring, boutique flooring, ... It is of course the use of replica of antique tiles also floor tiles for kitchen or backsplash, bathroom floor or wall tiles, floor tiles in the hallway, tiles for terrace, floor to conservatory, ranch flooring, etc... the individual tiles can be combined with a solid colored tiles and border, or mix the original and unique, original, luxury floor. If you like the mix of individual tiles, you can do so using our table, where individual models can be combined according to your own imaginationand create the luxurious, original and unique floor that will be the envy of everyone.. Currently, the following mix only replicas of historical tiles, but we prepare for you the possibility to mix also antique tiles.


 We have two stocks one in Spain and second in central Europe.We collaborate with architects and designers, our customers are from different corners of the globe. Is not problem for us to deliver our products anywhere around the world. We can satisfy even the most demanding customers who looking for something exclusive and rare.


Beauty of old materials will be shine in historical but also in the modern interior and exterior. The combination of old and new is the latest trend in modern design, it is timeless art which creates a depth of interior, brings the story, glamor and the spirit of ancient times. It´s a fantastic feeling own a piece of history and become part of it. It is incredibly exciting have something unique, what about has not nobody else and be thanks so unique.Old decorative and architelctural elements that we are saving can be one of a kind and it is always amazing handmade originals thanks to all who love history will continue to bring joy.